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On this site you'll find choir rehearsal files with accompanying sheet music in PDF format of various choral works.

I am an amateur singer (second bass in Chorus Soranus, Sorø, Denmark). For my private rehearsals I primarily use my computer.


I have previously used Cyber ​​Bass but found it cumbersome and user unfriendly - especially for Mac users. Searching for an alternative I first looked at professional music notation programs like "Finale" and "Sibelius" however both of them are pretty expensive. Finally I came across an impressive piece of software: the Open Source program "MuseScore" which to me has proven to be more intuitive in use than the professional counterparts.


MuseScore has an excellent online manual, a very friendly and helpfull user forum, introduction tutorials on YouTube and finally -- it's free.  

The program is available for both Mac and Windows.

MuseScore has a comprehensive list of features for creating and editing music scores,  too comprehensive to be covered here, so suffice to say: As an amateur singer I have found these features invaluable:

  • During playback you can simultaneously follow text and music
  • You may temporary change (lower!) the tempo at any time
  • You may change the volume of each individual voices and accompaniment - usually I amplify my own voice
  • You may continually repeat sequences of meassures

"Hvordan bruges MuseScore" is a very brief introduction to the above - so far only in Danish.

Sheet music and rehearsal files

You can access the MuseScore files I've made from the Danish home page of Cafe Puccini. Generally I have created a separate page for composers represented by more than one score.

Some scores are entered in MuseScore from the original score, others are constructed based on MIDI files available on the web. Unfortunately for the latter the accompaniments are not always satisfactory, however I have prioritised to get the choral parts in the scores correct.

All scores are available in PDF format for printing without using MuseScore. For some larger works I have created a single PDF file of the entire work - just to print out for your choir.

Proof reading isn't what it used to be, so I'd love to receive feedback of errors found in the scores. Please contact me at: jw (at) cafe-puccini.dk.

Giacomo Puccini

Finally: I've made a page (alas only in Danish) about one of the greatest opera composers Giacomo Puccini. The page is intended as an easy introduction to his operas with suggested "highlights" for beginners not familiar with his works.

Sorø, April 2021.

Jes Wagner